A new trade association has been set up to help promote new, emerging and established destinations to develop their tourism industries on a worldwide basis.

The London-based Association for International Travel and Tourism (AITT) aims to promote leisure and business travel across the World. It will do this by providing an international information exchange platform and a range of skills and activities that will enable countries to develop their home-grown tourism industries.

Said Director General John Pinniger: “We felt there was a gap in the market for a membership organisation that helped to awaken interest in new and emerging destinations as well as strengthening awareness of more established resorts and cities in every continent.”

The Association will provide a range of services which include: government and media relations, industry networking events and arranging international training programmes.

To achieve its objectives the AITT will be working closely with a variety of other associations, clubs and educational groups in the international travel industry to ensure the widest possible dissemination of news and information about the countries and destinations it represents.

The Association is led by a broad-based general management committee with directors responsible for each region of the World. There is an Executive Committee dealing with the main day-to-day functions and liaison directors who handle links with hotels, airlines, rail travel operators and other associations.

Although based in London it also has directors in other parts of the world such as North America and India. The Association has the personnel and expertise to help the tourism industry broaden its horizons. It works with national tourism offices, resorts, cities, travel industry companies and other associations to achieve this aim.

The Executive Committee handles the central functions of government and media relations, event management, education and training, membership, finance and general administration.

Added John Pinniger: “We will be campaigning for ecologically sustainable tourism developments as well as helping to raise professional standards in the hospitality industry. This means putting national tourism offices in touch with the best training facilities in the UK and helping to set up local training academies”.

Membership is open to everyone from national tourism offices, cities and resorts through to travel companies, individuals and students, all of whom will benefit from a wide range of activities including: regular newsletter, partnerships with international tourism associations, professional development in association with colleges and commercial training providers, and networking events with diverse destinations and service providers.


For more information please contact:

John Pinniger. Director-General. T: 07770 051121. E: john.pinniger@aitt.london

John Sansom. Director, Public Relations. T: 020 7831 0023. E: john.sansom@aitt.london


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