Eugenia Alexa

Director, Russia and Eastern Europe

Eugenia is the founder and director of Hermes Global Group UK Limited, a tour operator specialising in dental and wine tourism to Moldova. She has been active in international tourism for over twenty three years.

Since 2002 she has been a founding member of the National Association of Tourism Agencies in the Republic of Moldova and her company has specialised in tourism between Moldova and Greece. In 2004 she was a partner of the Moldovan National Olympic Committee at the Olympic Games in Athens and has since been a partner of the Moldovan National Football federation and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Eugenia graduated from the Nicolae Testemitanu University of Medicine and Pharmacology in Moldova and is fluent in Romanian, Russian, Greek and English.

She has participated in many international conferences and seminars organised by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, the Romanian Ministry of Tourism and the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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  1. Dear Evgenia you are a wonderful person and a great professional in your business. Glad to know you. I wish you success in everything

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